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At Liberated Chiropractic we know that healing occurs from the inside out. We focus on optimal neuro-spinal health to improve the health of families in our community.

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Client Testimonials

"I started seeing Dr. Tyler Dierolf for my prenatal chiropractic care and I’m so thankful! She is so gentle and knowledgeable about tending to me and my growing baby. My husband was so impressed, he even began to see Dr. Adam Ardoin for adjustments due to some discomfort in skateboarding. They are a great team for family care and our growing family is so blessed!"
Katarina C.
"We love Dr.Tyler!! I took my daughter to see Dr. Tyler because she was having sleeping issues. It seemed like she hadn’t slept through the night in months and was also dealing with some night terrors. After being consistent with adjustments my daughter is now sleeping through the night again and she has not had any night terrors!🙌🏻 I also became a patient to help support my nervous system and support my body while on the journey to getting my hormones and other ailments in check. I can truly see and feel a difference with everything working in sync. Dr.Tyler is kind, thorough, knowledgeable and I trust her 100% with my family’s well being."
Devon Y.
"My husband & I came to Liberated Chiropractic thinking we’d get some relief from our chronic pain, but we got much more than that. I see Dr Tyler & my husband sees Dr Adam and they both have changed our lives tremendously. I finally have the energy to live my life to the fullest again, without any pain or discomfort. We are both so grateful for Dr Tyler and Dr Adam. If you’ve been thinking about going to see either one of them, this is your sign to do it. You won’t regret it!"
Sarah R.